Listed below are commonly asked questions and my answers to them.

1) What form of payment do you accept in order to buy a template?

Answer: Paypal Only. (if you submit an e-check it will be rejected and the file will not be sent.)

2) The model wasn’t included, where can I find the model?

Answer: Listed in the info on every template and included in the info file in the zip folder of the template is a web address to where you can find the models. The location is at http://ladies.officialpsds.com the models and other resources on that site are FREE.

3) Why do you not include the models in the zip file?

Answer: I did not take the picture of any of the models, therefore I do not own the picture’s of the models. Because of the fact that I do not own the pictures of the models I cannot make a profit on them either.

4) Do I need to register to your site to buy a template?

Answer: NO.

5) How long is the download link good for?

Answer: 15 Days

6) How do I receive the download link?

Answer: The link comes to the same email you used to paypal with.

7) What programs do I use to edit the .psd file?

Answer: Photoshop 8 and newer

8) My file download stopped midway through, what should I do?

Answer: When the file stalls/stops, click pause and until the download finishes. If the download stops again, repeat the action until the file has fully downloaded.

If none of the above works then please contact us at scorpiosgraphics@gmail.com.

9) Don’t have the Photoshop Program?

Answer: Download the newest trial version here for free —> https://creative.adobe.com/products/photoshop


10) Bought a template and didnt realize that you cant edit it with anything other than photoshop and want a refund?


Anser : no. At the top of each  template  page is a warning. Please heed the the warning.